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Detail, Irma Desk


Today western and rustic furniture makers and designers are enjoying a popularity that would amaze the original cowboys. People from California to New York are furnishing their homes and offices with ranch-style furniture, western designs, and accessories that represent a simpler lifestyle and a closeness with nature.

Western furniture incorporates nature into its design, using the twists and turns of wood, the rustic charm of antler accents, and the texture of fine leathers to bring form and function to the piece. But western style shouldn't hit you on the head with "western accents" everywhere. Nor should it be so simple, with just fence posts and antlers all over. It should have a relaxed organic look that you won't grow tired of.

John brings an entirely new concept to the design of western furniture. He forms and shapes the wood, and uses the wood's curves, not merely applies tops to rustic logs and calls it a desk or a table. It is a fresh perspective on western furniture.

John Gallis has been fashioning custom furniture for over forty years. His heirloom-quality western and rustic pieces have consistently taken honors at the prestigious Western Design Conference and have won numerous other national design awards.

John's work is incomparable and unforgettable. Each piece is custom-designed to fit the client's needs and handcrafted based on the feel of the wood and the natural flow of the grain, so no two pieces are ever alike. Every piece has to be well thought out, well designed, and well-constructed. It has to have grace, elegance, and style.

Some have called John's style of furniture "refined western." His furniture is rustic only in the sense that it is made out of mostly unprocessed wood; his attention to detail and his taste for quality give each piece a classy, sophisticated appeal.

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