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Western dining room

For a dining table, Gallis found a 340-year-old juniper stump out on the plains around Cody and wrestled it into the back of his truck … To turn it into a base for a dining table, Gallis spent painstaking hours grinding and sanding every surface until the roots gleamed like pulled taffy. For a top, he built a huge disk out of walnut and chiseled light-reflecting facets into the edge. The last touch was a rim of short branches around the table's circumference, each one sanded and polished by hand. "We sign each piece, and I just don't want to sign something that I'm not proud of," John says. Rocky Mountain News

A comfortable gathering place for family meals, the dining room has always been a focal point of the home. Having a well-appointed rustic dining room makes long, leisurely meals an even greater pleasure. Custom-designed solid wood tables, chairs, and buffets that exude a natural and informal charm can reflect your unique western lifestyle. Western inspired dining room pieces from Norseman are simplistic yet elegant and have a rustic appeal that will add warmth and beauty to your home, ranch, cabin, or lodge.

The thumbnail images below are only a sampling of the versatility and skill level of western and rustic tables, hutches, buffets, and chairs Norseman has created in the past; click on the thumbnail to learn more about the piece. If you are interested in commissioning a similar or custom piece – or would like more information – please feel free to contact us.

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