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About Norseman: Our Furniture

[Gallis] specializes in what he describes as "refined Western furniture." Pieces made by Norseman Designs West are highly refined, and composed of a variety of domestic and exotic woods. Some of his works are accented by custom metalwork and stunning paintings. His furniture is reflective of the finest techniques. Woodshop News

Custom furniture is just that: the dimensions, shape, materials, details, and finish are all custom-designed to meet your unique sense of style and physical requirements. It also means that we will work with you to make sure the piece you get is exactly the piece you want.

But not all custom rustic and western furniture is the same. At Norseman Designs West we specialize in building rustic and western furniture that offers beauty, utility, and lasting value. Each piece is hand-built using the finest of woods, old world craftsmanship, and hand-rubbed finishing that reveals the natural beauty of the wood. No cut corners, shortcuts, or unfinished surfaces. We're small enough to pay attention to the small details, large enough to handle large commercial orders. The result is a one-of-a-kind work of art that reflects your unique sense of western style as well as the skill of the artist.

The Portfolios

The furniture portfolios presented on this site feature a sampling of the custom rustic and western furniture pieces John Gallis' Norseman Designs West has created for clients in the past. Browse through the photographs for inspiration, but don't feel limited by the designs we've already created. Although similar pieces can be made for you, custom pieces can also be fashioned to celebrate your unique sense of rustic western style. John will work with you to formalize any design, including those as simple as a sketch on the back of a napkin. The portfolio pages are updated frequently, so please remember to refresh the pages in your Web browser for the latest additions.