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Portfolio:Western Lighting

Nature-inspired lamps enhance the design of a western office, living room, bedroom, dining room, hall, or anywhere you want a western lighting accessory. For the ultimate in western lighting, light your space with a true work of art and create a warm, inviting atmosphere with one of Norseman Designs West lamps.

John uses juniper to create unique, one-of-a-kind lamps, adding a walnut base with carved edges and rawhide shade. Juniper lamps can be crafted in any shape or size to meet your decorating and lighting needs.

The lamps shown here are only a sampling of the versatility and skill level of western lighting Norseman Designs West has created in the past. If you are interested in commissioning a similar or custom lamp or western lighting fixture – or would like more information – please feel free to contact us.

Gallis uses juniper as a contrasting accent in the majority of his pieces. It's not a species where you just go down to the local lumber store and buy 100 bf.

"We get in the truck and drive about 100 miles south of us and... harvest our wood."

Juniper grows in unusual shapes – often twisty – and is a tenacious wood. The heartwood is very red, the sapwood is light, and because of its age and the severe weather conditions, it has numerous voids. It's not unusual to find juniper that has full 360-degree twists or 90-degree bends.

"We managed to get a stump from a juniper tree and we were counting the rings, and it was a 400-year-old juniper tree. Then you start thinking about what was going on 400 years ago. It's very humbling. We try not to waste the wood because it has such a dignified history that we don't want to build toothpicks out of it; we want to build something out of it that is really elegant and really nice that will be here for another 300 years," Gallis said. Woodshop News