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Award-Winning Yellowstone Desk

    Award Winner Western Design Conference
    2001 Best of Show & 2001 Martin Harris Gallery Award

    Cody craftsman John Gallis’ “Yellowstone Desk” received the Best of Show and Martin-Harris Award of Excellence at the ninth annual Western Design Conference.

    Drawing inspiration from nature and the natural grain of the wood, Gallis named his piece the “Yellowstone Desk” as the upward fan of the grain on the mulberry drawer fronts reminded him of Old Faithful erupting.

    The desk also features solid walnut and juniper legs. He estimates 400 hours of labor went into the desk, which was commissioned as part of a “his and hers” set.

    “What I try to do is tell a story with my furniture, so the more you look, the more you see: different woods, colors, textures,” he says. “I feel I’m creating something people will admire and that will last hundreds of years.”

    Gallis says he still is surprised to receive the recognition he does. “At first, I thought someone was playing a joke on me by putting the ribbon on my desk,” he says.

    In past years, he has received awards for woodworking craftsmanship, Exhibitor’s Choice and has twice received the People’s Choice Award.